About KKS

KA KA Solution has created KKS brand-name and officially came into operation in 2016. With the expert team of over 60 years of experience in manufacturing and applying construction chemicals and admixtures in leading Corporations around the world. We operate the factory with the modern production lines and the usage of raw materials complying to modern European and American standards.

We provided the perfect construction chemicals products for KEY PROJECTS IN NATIONAL LEVEL around the country, such as admixture for concretes, ready-mixed building mortars, industrial flooring, waterproofing, bonding, grouting, tile adhesive, repair mortars, etc.

Building our position in Vietnam's construction market and to spread out the exporting to the rest of the world, KKS will devote our best to help our customers enjoying the 3 CORE VALUES of: Quality Product – Affordable Cost – Detailed Customer Care toward to our great mission of "Perfect Construction Solution”.